Testimonials from CLeX users

Portal of demerged exchanges

Corporate LinX acts as a service provider and partner to Finifac, the Carrefour Group’s finance company who specialises in the financing of the trade receivables of the world’s second largest retail group.

Carrefour Group


These years of joint, and rewarding, collaboration have resulted in the constant improvement of our service offer to suppliers. Together, we have optimised the presentation and overall management of the device for the benefit of our providers.

Airbus Group

Direction of the treasury

Prifer, a specialist in molds and progressive tools, has been using the Faurecia-Direct service for many months. Thanks to the Faurecia-Direct Internet Portal, we are delighted with the transparency of the tool, which we benefit from in the validation chain of our invoices and payments. We know the status of all our invoices with all the factories to which we deliver. Moreover, we have chosen the online advance payment service which is also very simple. There’s no need to send our duplicate invoices to be paid in advance. The Faurecia-Direct team is also always available for questions or when we need help.



The Faurecia-Direct Portal is very easy to use – quite intuitive.
The Excel export saves a lot of time in our way of working.
The only downside – a link to communicate with an accountant via the site could facilitate communication.


Adecco Medical Accounts Receivable Manager

The Faurecia-Direct team has effectively taken charge of both the membership and the implementation of the value-added service offered to our company under Faurecia’s innovative supplier program. We were able to ask questions and at the start of the advance payment, they accompanied us for each step. We are benefitting from competitive conditions for early settlement without any compensation on our side. The Faurecia-Direct Portal allows us to follow our invoices online and send them in an electronic format. We have the Fast Early Payment Service of our invoices without any commitment of turnover and a cost applicable only to the use. This service reinforces our partnership opinion of our client Faurecia.


General manager

Hello sir,
I had the access codes.
I had access to the portal without any difficulties.
The software is nice and easy.
Thank you


Financial Administrative Director

Our relationship with the Faurecia accounting department (speed and quality of application processing)

For the moment I have not found the need to contact the accounting team. My only comment is that I do not know where to find entity contacts on the site.

Regarding the interaction with the Faurecia Direct platform, I can confirm how easy it is. Being able to export the status of invoices by entity to Excel is very useful. The quality of the advance payment service stands out for its simplicity. The documents are downloadable, with all the invoices delivered and the unit cost that it generates. All this is very useful. In addition, the management of the advance payment is very fast and very easy. No complaints.


Management and Finance Manager

Europcar’s ambition is to be one of the world’s leading players in the mobility sector by offering innovative and tailored solutions to meet the needs of its customers in terms of personal and professional travel. In 2017, more than 7.5 billion km was covered by the Group’s customers by car rental or car-sharing services.

By promoting the use of vehicle ownership, functionality is at the heart of Europcar’s business model, thus limiting the use of vehicle manufacturing resources and fuel consumption thanks to a recent fleet (average vehicle ownership period of about 9 months) and shipping the latest consumer and emission technologies. However, because of its international presence, many of its activities and the sector in which it operates, the Group is very aware of the environmental issues it faces, as well as its social and societal footprint. The Group is convinced that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key factor for success and sustainability in carrying out its activities and achieving its growth objectives.

With this outlook, Europcar has created « Commit Together! », a pioneering strategy in its market articulated around four major commitments that are all priorities for sustainable success for the Group. This strategy, validated by the Group’s governance bodies, is the result of consultation and analysis of the CSR expectations of its main stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, investors and franchisees) as well as an analysis of the related impacts, risks and opportunities.


For the feasibility of setting up our own approach to offer value-added services to our suppliers and as part of the collaboration with Corporate LinX, their knowledge of the banking and factor network proved to be an enormous asset for RATP. For the RATP, the financing of a Reverse Factoring programme and the balance sheets impact have specific characteristics. We have therefore asked our partner to assist us with the formalisation and documentation of the financing needs for our suppliers, not only in financial terms but also on the possible legal impacts. Corporate LinX’s excellent knowledge of the network of financiers capable of offering financial conditions under the conditions laid down by the RATP; as well as the workings of such montages have so far proved to be an added value for the specificities of our organisation. In addition, Corporate LinX has been able to work transversally between purchasing, accounts payable, the IT function and cash flow, which has made the process more coherent and efficient.


Treasury and Finance

For the service of Faurecia-Direct, it’s all good on our side! We sincerely thank you for sharing it with us.


Responsable Administrative

Our project was launched in the context of a negotiation of our purchases and the restructuring of the debt for which the trust of the suppliers and our investors was paramount. In addition, the WCR level was to be maintained while regaining EBITDA. This project was also intended to help suppliers in difficulty, particularly those who are financially fragile and who yet are strategic for our business. The more restricted access to short-term credit, as well as for some the fluctuation of currencies, reinforced this need to provide them with access to our programme to offer them funding through financial partners.

An action plan for each of our brands (according to their specificities) has been implemented. The work has enabled the supplier base to be reviewed and to verify the correct application of the contractual conditions and applicable terms of payment.

It made sense to work in partnership with Corporate LinX, not only on the price aspects of their service, but also the deadlines and the quality of the work.


CFO - Vivarte Group

As an expert provider to evaluate and predict how to extend our advance payment offer for our suppliers in a multi-bank framework, the choice of Corporate LinX, has certainly met our expectations. The quality of the deliverables has made it possible to better understand the organisation of the following phases. Their expertise in this type of programme, in a French and European context, combined with a dedicated technical solution (CLeX portal) for the management of this type of initiative has given our Group a positive outlook. Collaboration on a partnership basis has taken place in a pleasant context of mutual trust.


Recovery Manager