Corporate LinX eXchange

A collaboratively designed portal to handle the exchange of digital information

Corporate LinX has developed a digital exchange portal which can be collaboratively deployed in functional modules depending on the requirements of the company. Its flexibility ensures it can be adapted to meet our clients’ needs in accordance with their size and budget.

The CLeX Portal adapts to the needs of each client offering a wide range of tools while respecting any security requirements they may have.


Corporate Linx eXchange is designed to converse with the existing technical solutions our clients already have in place, such as their ERP/accounting/CRM systems. Corporate Linx eXchange receives information from these systems and provides suppliers data in return.

The supplier can choose the mode of interaction with the Portal according to their possibilities and/or technical constraints.

The solution allows the following dematerialised exchanges :

  • The routing of orders issued by the client to his/her suppliers,
  • Acknowledgment of receipt of suppliers,
  • Acceptance or rejection of the order by the supplier and notification of the client,
  • The registration/download of the order for the supplier,
  • Electronic invoicing issued by the supplier to the buyer,
  • The verification of the business and tax compliance of the invoice,
  • The rejection of the invoice (or invoice file) to the supplier with notification of rejection,
  • The translation of the invoice in the format expected by the ERP of the contractor,
  • Notification to the supplier of receipt of the invoice by the contractor and integration,
  • Notification to the supplier of the validation steps,
  • Immediate notification to the supplier of a possible rejection and his/her motivation or request for creation of a credit,
  • Sending of credit to the client,
  • Notification to the supplier of reception and integration,
  • Display of the contractual payment date of the invoice,
  • Discount Management,
  • Proposal for advance payment by the order giver or the supplier with calculation of the discount and readjustment of the value of the invoice according to the discount conditions,
  • Proposal to manage the advance payment by a financial third party. The client transfers the validated receivable and the financier settles the claim according to the supplier’s request,
  • Notification of the effective date of payment: looping of the flow
  • Archiving of all items and interventions for each transaction,
  • Search engine for all archived transactions,
  • User management based on their profile, language, etc.

* The Portal also handles scanned invoice images and their captured data. A pdf image is saved along with the detailed lines of the invoice.


Dematerialisation, traceability, online audit and archiving of exchanges over 10 years


Retrieve order information
Convert order to the Suppliers’ format
Supplier sending
Supplier Response: OK or Reject



Creation - Import
Control of mandatory information
Rejection for non-compliance
Accused receipt
Online Dispute Management
Management of credit/debit notes
ERP delivery


Bill Fees Discount
Dynamic Discount
Regulation of own funds
Calculation earnings
Management of settlement campaigns
Payment notice



Early settlement by a third party financier
Dynamic Early Settlement
Supplier Portfolio Management
Choice of settlement dates
Assignment of receivables
Regulation notice


Early settlement by a third party financier and minimum management
Put into batches
Multi-financial auction bidders
Notice of Settlement


Online Marketing
Online membership
KYC Online Management
Online Account Creation
Reporting messages, videos, animations

In summary : All ‘Purchase to Pay’ transactions are managed within a single tool allowing the dematerialisation of all types of documents (tax dematerialisation included). The collaborative solution allows the tripartite relationship of the contractor, supplier and financier to be involved in the management of the advance payment.


The CLeX Portal adapts to the needs of each client project offering a wide range of tools while respecting the security constraints of each specific client environment.

The CLeX Portal communicates with the clients’ ERP system, manages the advance payment calculations and timing provided by the programme’s third party partners and enables suppliers to join the online service.  The CLeX Portal also provides full daily activity reporting.

This short film provides a summary of the role the CLeX Portal plays in supporting a typical Supply Chain Finance programme.